5 Questions With Anthony Trucks

5 Questions With Anthony Trucks

Personal Growth Magazine Asks Thought Leaders These 5 Questions…

1 – What are a couple of your most effective habits?

My most effective habits are the planned routines I start before I get started on any time block. The brain is a predictive tool and it likes efficiency. When I start a specific habit prior to working out, filming videos, writing emails, working with clients, etc. I perform at my best because I prime my system with proper refined and planned habits.

2 – How do you make your best decisions?

My best decisions are made in non-emotional moments. When emotion is high intelligence is low. I choose to commit myself to postponing decisions until I have a full grasp of mind in non-emotional moments. I also make decisions that my “gut” agrees with and I trust the choice. If it’s wrong, my gut learns a lesson and gets better at making decisions, and if I’m right my mind trusts my gut more and more over time so I can make faster decisions without fear and get back on track quicker than most when I make mistakes.

3 – How do you push through obstacles you face?

I always ask myself simple questions. “How do I want to experience the next moments of my life?” In the face of obstacles, the thing I must do usually doesn’t feel like the thing I want to do. So, I make a conscious choice to do what must be done to make the next moments of my life great. I also always ask myself, “What would the person who has the success I want in life do right now?” You’ll know the answer. Do that.

4 – What did you give up in order to reach your goals?

I gave up accepting the comfort zones that I could easily slide into when faced with big opportunities that demanded big responsibility and effort. I sacrificed my comfort zone. I also gave up fun now for better fun later. I could party when I was younger in a house party with cheap drinks and unmotivated company. Or I could give that up now to work for more and party in foreign countries, with educated company, drinking sophisticated drinks. I sacrificed fun now for classier fun later and longer.

5 – What is your favorite quote or saying and why?

There are two types of people in the world. Those that work and those that watch them at work. I don’t mind the audience. It tells me that Ill either be in the game of life or in the stands watching. I find joy in playing and being watched over watching. The only difference is the willingness to work for it.


Anthony Trucks is a former NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior on NBC, international speaker, host of the Aww Shift podcast, author of Trust Your Hustle and founder of Identity Shift coaching.

After being put into foster care at the age of 3, being adopted into an all-white family at the age of 14, losing his NFL career to injury and more, Anthony learned early in life how to shift with the changes. Given his background, he shouldn’t have achieved the things he did. It shouldn’t have been possible for him to become an NFL athlete or a successful entrepreneur but Anthony wasn’t willing to settle. His entire life has been about beating the odds and redefining what’s possible given the cards he was dealt with. His personal mission is to help others understand their past and present so they can shift their identity, elevate their life and business, and take control of their lives.

By teaching audiences how to turn roadblocks and obstacles into opportunities, Anthony inspires and teaches people to unlock their full potential and achieve success and happiness. A healthier life, better relationships, a successful career, more money – whatever the goal, let Anthony provide you with the road map to Shift into Success!

Anthony’s message is enlightening, direct, honest, funny, positive and personal.

He believes there is no acceptable reason to not be great and it shows in how he speaks. When you drop your ego, past mistakes, flaws, and fear of failure, you can find your internal fire to catapult you into the life that you want and deserve.

Anthony’s website is at anthonytrucks.com