I Am So Glad You Were Born

I Am So Glad You Were Born

by Daryl Daughtry, Publisher

I’m so glad you were born. I’m so glad that you were given a chance to explore the experience of life on planet Earth. You get to experience the overall plan the world operates by and, as a result, find and fulfill your unique role within the system.

I’m happy to be here and that you’re also here and I hope you are too. I’m happy we both get to play a part in the story of Mankind. I’m happy we get to witness this magnificent world we live in. We get to try out our God-given intellect and talents to play a small part in the story of life. To me, our small part is better than no part at all.

I’m glad that you’re alive. You’re in a giant puzzle for which you were born to solve your piece of it. And your whole life is lived around solving this puzzle. To those of us who search for clues and pay attention, it starts to make sense. But, to those who take it all for granted, complain, and fail to see the pattern, it becomes increasingly perplexing and seemingly without meaning.

Even though you didn’t get to choose your parents or even the part of this world in which you were born, you were given the gift of life. Just imagine all of the choices that were made throughout the thousands of years prior to your existence. Consider the day your parents met and all of the factors that led to that most important day. Think about all that had to go right on the very special day you were conceived. Are you even aware of the miraculous odds you overcame racing millions of competing sperm to fertilize your mom’s precious egg? And, after that, she had to carry you to a healthy full term. Wow.

It gets even more amazing when you consider that those same odds and circumstances had to perfectly align with your grandparents (on both sides), your great grandparents, your great great grandparents, and on and on for centuries. Adding up all of those probabilities throughout all of those years means you were born a winner. You were born a legitimate miracle!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Life can be hard and pressure or pain isn’t enjoyable. However, it’s that very resistance or struggle that makes you stronger, wiser, and able to stand your ground. And, if you choose to admit it, a lot of your hardship was brought on by your own poor decisions and improper responses. Not all of it, but a significant portion of it.

Yes, life is hard, it isn’t always fair, and it definitely isn’t easy. But, it can be spectacular when you flow with it and seek your place to fit into it. Listen, being accepted and fitting in are two distinctly different things. Being accepted usually requires trying to be like everyone else in your peer group and, if you’re being honest, it doesn’t offer much personal satisfaction or fulfillment. On the other hand, finding your custom-tailored place in this world gives life both meaning and a wonderful sense of “rightness.” You can proudly say, “Against all odds, I made it.”

Again, I’m so glad you were born. Your life is precious. Your life is a gift. You matter. You’re not a mistake. You’re a survivor of impossible odds. So, treasure the very breath in your lungs and the heart that is beating in your chest. Treasure that you are blessed to love and to be loved. Treasure that your Creator chose you (yes, you) to enjoy His creation and to be loved by Him as His son or daughter.

Therefore, we are so glad you were born!