Life Architecture For Transforming Your Life

Life Architecture For Transforming Your Life

By Bob Ivkovic

When someone asks me what I do for a living, I simply give them the elevator pitch: “I’m like a marriage counsellor. I build relationships. I figure out WHAT people need to do to make positive change and WHY, followed by a game plan to determine HOW to optimize their business processes and computer systems. In a nutshell, I help people understand how they need to work together to effect positive change in their organizations.” The truth of the matter is that I’m an enterprise architect. This is a fancy term for someone who pulls together an organization’s business processes, work activities, data, applications, technologies and other organizational artifacts, and then reassembles them to meet business requirements in a more efficient and effective manner.

I got to thinking. If I can articulate and optimize an organization’s business processes, why can’t I do the same with our life processes. Everybody seems to be in the pursuit of a better life. I learned that we need a methodical approach to improve our lives. This is where Life Architecture comes in. Let me explain by sharing a story.

Meet Greg, a dear friend whose life journey took unexpected turns, leading from good to bad to worse. Inspired by my Life Architecture approach, Greg sought my guidance as his personal Life Architect. Utilizing five key constructs of Life Architecture, we embarked on a transformative journey to pursue happiness and a desired future.

The first step involved examining Greg’s Current Life Blueprint, a reflection of his present circumstances. Through introspection and analysis, we envisioned a Future Life Blueprint representing his aspirations. However, Greg faced a challenge—he wasn’t clear on his desired path or the obstacles holding him back. Thus, we delved into identifying the Life Rules governing his choices and crafting a new set of empowering principles for the future.

Next, we explored Greg’s innermost needs and desires through a Personal Behavioral Assessment Matrix, laying the foundation for his growth. Understanding the value he brings to the world, Greg evaluated his position on a Life Value Chain, gaining insights into his worth and potential contributions.

With a clear understanding of his current and desired life, Greg charted a Life Roadmap to bridge the gap between the two. Recognizing the complexity of the journey ahead, we broke it down into manageable Life Results Chains, addressing different facets of his life. To ensure progress, we structured his actions on a Life Web, outlining a realistic timeline for achievement. The following five constructs constituting a Life Architecture are the building blocks to a better future.

life architecture chart

Life Architecture offers a structured approach to assess our ambitions, desires, and happiness. By translating our current state into a desired future blueprint, we pave the way for meaningful transformation. Embracing such an approach, we embark on a journey towards a better future—one defined by fulfillment and happiness. The approach is quite straight forward and can be readily applied by those consciously embarking on a life journey.

In essence, Life Architecture resonates deeply with Personal Growth’s ethos of personal growth and development. This serves as a catalyst for self improvement and lifelong happiness. A better life requires being passionate about self-improvement and overall well-being. As we navigate the complexities of life, let us embrace Life Architecture to craft our narratives, inspire others, and journey towards a brighter tomorrow. But most of all, let’s be happy with ourselves and our lives.

Bob Ivkovic is an enterprise architect by trade and a life architect by design. Mr. Ivkovic is a management consultant and founder of IT Architects. Mr. Ivkovic is the author of Design Your Desired Life, a book about Life Architecture. More information about Life Architecture can be found at…