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About the Magazine…
Personal Growth MagazinePersonal Growth Magazine is both a publication and a website that focuses on personal growth and development topics in your personal and professional life through very focused content. The articles and videos presented are simple, practical, and proven pathways to successful growth and change.

There are also video courses for those who want to go deeper.


About the Publisher…
S. Daryl Daughtry is a multi-certified coach, trainer, author, publisher, and podcaster. He is the founder and head of an international alliance of professional coaches as well as a coaching certification school with graduates in almost fifty countries. Before Daryl passionately stepped into the personal development industry, he enjoyed almost two decades as newspaper and magazine publisher/editor.

Daryl DaughtryDaryl’s personal development company was founded in the summer of 2009 and is A+ rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The vision… is to educate, motivate, and activate thousands of people from all over the world. The goal… is to greatly improve and wisely empower growth-oriented people through writing, training, speaking, and coaching. The content… is values-inspired, time-tested, and highly effective. Personal Growth Magazine greatly benefits from Daryl Daughtry’s many years of research and experience in areas like mindset, identity, purpose, wellness, and achieving personal goals.

Here are some of Daryl Daughtry’s actual testimonials from clients and students…

“Daryl gives you established success principles that, when followed, will work every time.” — Jack
“He gave positive feedback frequently and gave me confidence in my skills.” – Ben
“If I could recommend anyone to help you with your personal development, it would be Daryl.” – Veronica
“Daryl is an exceptional trainer and life coach. He has superb people skills and sensitivity.” – Pastor David
“He supports his clients in quickly and easily finding their true passions and purpose. Daryl is a master as what he does.” – Travis
“It’s amazing how Daryl can ask just one simple question and solve the most complex problems.” – Neil
“Daryl is driven to coach and develop leaders. As a coach trainer, coach, and speaker, I highly recommend him.” – Dr. Tom

Daryl Daughtry is the host of the Personal Growth Magazine Podcast on most major podcast outlets…
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