Setting Goals Leads To Success

Setting Goals Leads To Success

by Brandon Eastman of Be Better Industries

Does setting goals REALLY lead to success? Setting goals completely transformed my life. Setting goals was the beginning to me taking steps in the direction that brought me happiness. The power of goals is understated by many, and I want to share with you WHY setting goals will help to lead to your own personal success!

In this video, I share with you how setting goals have helped lead me to success in many areas of my own life, as well as a formula you can use to create goals immediately that will lead you in the direction you want to go! Goals don’t have to be intimidating; follow this goal-setting process and you will be in a VERY different place in as little as a month from now!


Brandon grew up in the world of sales, finding immediate success selling technology for Verizon Wireless. He discovered quickly he had a natural ‘knack’ for sales, helping him become a top performer on his team within months. He always wondered what this ‘knack’ was; was it truly natural? How can this be taught to others? This journey of self-discovery and personal development has led to him to create the framework to help ANY individual earn more income while finding more meaning and purpose in their work and life. Visit Brandon’s website at