Raimonda Jankunaite: Supporting Women In Business

Raimonda Jankunaite: Supporting Women In Business

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In the midst of the current pandemic, what are your most productive daily habits?

It is not easy to stay positive and motivated during the pandemic, so I dedicate at least 30-60 minutes in the morning to do something that I love doing. This may be meditation, stretching or simply enjoying tea in bed. This helps me set up for a productive day ahead.

To be productive I block time for various tasks that I know are important to my long term goals and would serve my higher purpose. Because in business it is quite easy to get busy with daily insignificant tasks and lose sight of long term strategic goals.

My vision board in my office is what keeps me focused on my long term goals and keeps me inspired to reach for them.

What did you have to sacrifice to get to where you are today?

This is a great question, because sacrifices are hardly ever spoken about, especially as we see successful people and think that it is easy for them.

The road to success is never easy, you have to put in the work and be willing to invest in yourself. The biggest sacrifice and investment is perhaps not money, but time that we can never get back. And that means time away from family, friends and loved ones.

So whatever you pursue in business or life, make sure that you love it and it is worth pursuing and you are not just doing it for the money.

You’re very passionate about supporting women in business – what drives that passion?

My passion is to create a community and support network of like-minded women, so we don’t ever have to feel alone. In business, I didn’t always have the support from family or friends, and had to go through the trenches on my own. Until I discovered other like-minded, striving women just like me, working towards their goals and dreams. We started to share ideas, ask questions and support each other, and that is when everything changed.

No mountain is worth climbing alone, because the view from the top is lonely. When you lend a hand to others along the way, and walk the walk together, the success at the top is much sweeter when you can share that experience with others. I love empowering other women to climb that mountain, give them courage and support so we can stand side by side and celebrate each other.

What more can be done for women who aim to reach higher levels in their career or business?

To create a supportive environment for growth. Be it in career or business, the best anyone can do for any woman with a mission is believe in her dreams and support her vision. Sometimes it is worth more than anyone can imagine. It is hard enough putting our ideas out into the world, dealing with imposter syndrome, self-worth, the last thing anyone needs is rejection.

I think simply a word of encouragement and belief can go a long way. Recognizing talents of a woman and helping her flourish. In corporate there needs to be more in-house mentoring programs and sponsoring from those more achieved. This helps women rise to leadership roles and realize female talent that is often missing at board level.

What principle or principles inspire you to become a better person and a better leader?

I truly believe in the power of collaboration and this is what has helped immensely in my career. I believe that we are stronger together and working with others is the key to success.

As the saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go further, go together”.

So, being open to collaboration and seeing the best in people has helped me become a better and more understanding person. It has helped me to embrace others and their differences, and get the best out of people.

I truly believe in diversity and inclusiveness and always aim to create a safe space and welcoming environment for those who I connect with or those who come into my community or attend our events. This is because I know what it feels like not to belong.


Raimonda Jankunaite has a phenomenal personal story coming to the UK as an immigrant from Lithuania at the age of 14, speaking very little English. She pursued her education, completing Business Management degree, going on to study Law and starting her own innovative social impact business at the age of 21.

Her first business failed and she continued to pursue her entrepreneurial passion. Now she helps other women find their passion, become empowered to share their story and grow a successful business online through the Women in Business Club, a global membership site and support community that exists to pave a new way for women to pursue their passion and create a career that works for them, whether that’s as an entrepreneur, making money from a passion profit, or scaling an existing business.

Raimonda’s website is at womeninbusiness.club