What Happiness Is Not

by Daryl Daughtry, Publisher

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Let’s look at what happiness is not. So, what isn’t being happy? There are many opinions on this subject, so I might as well give you mine. Here is what I think happiness IS NOT…

1. Happiness Is Not Getting Everything You Want

You won’t find happiness in getting everything you want or getting things your way. Money doesn’t buy happiness: in fact, getting a raise or a windfall can increase your dissatisfaction as your expectations expand to exceed whatever money you have. That new car or bigger house will someday start to feel like they’re not enough. It’s human nature to keep pushing the boundaries and asking for more!

2. Happiness Is Not Feeling Good All The Time

People who are happy don’t live in a constant state of ecstasy! Life isn’t like that. Some days you feel great and other days not so much. Everyone has their share of bad times, that’s just the way it goes. Happiness is way more than just feeling good. It means feeling content and living a meaningful life where you are and with what you have.

3. Happiness Is Not An Endpoint

Happiness isn’t something you arrive at, or you achieve, and then it’s done. It’s not something you can check off your list! Happiness is more like a habit you can choose to learn. It’s a way of looking at the world and your relationships and being aware that life is a never-ending process of change. Therefore, happiness is a choice.

4. Happiness Doesn’t Depend On Other People

Often people put their happiness in the hands of others. They think they need external validation to feel good about themselves. But relying on other people’s good opinions of you isn’t a healthy way to live. In fact, it’s an emotional disaster waiting to happen.

So, check internally with how you feel deep in your heart, do the best you can with your life, and let other people worry about themselves.

5. Happiness Is Not Pretending

Social media is full of people pretending to have perfect lives, but they don’t. No one does. The happiness you see on television or your social media feed may be genuine, and also maybe not. Remember, everyone is trying to show the best representation of their lives. Likely, a lot of them are pretending to be happier than they really are. No one is going to post their latest fight or talk about being fired from their job. So, the online world you see is quite often just an illusion. The real world is much more nuanced, and real happiness doesn’t happen in a bubble.

So where does that leave you?

Studies have shown that happiness comes from a combination of factors. It comes from finding deep satisfaction and meaning in your life. It comes from looking for things that are good and not focusing on what’s missing, lacking, or broken.

True and lasting happiness seems to depend on things such as a healthy mindset and proper expectations. Happy put more priority in relationships and connections with the people you love. Happy people highlight the things you’re grateful for and you’ll find more of them. Truly happy people are at peace with the ups and downs of life and find joy and contentment whatever their circumstances might be.


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