Values Are A Big Deal

by Janet Daughtry

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As a coach I love helping people gain clarity about life direction. The number one priority in achieving this is helping a person have more clarity about their values. When we get clear about our values, we have a roadmap or compass to help make better choices and get in the right lane for our lives.

When we don’t know what our values are, it is easy to allow our emotions to lead our life and choices rather than solid values or principles. Or, we can easily end up living out another person’s values or priorities for our life. When we don’t know what we value, we certainly don’t know what takes priority or what to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to in life.

The main difference between living a mediocre life and a great life is one that is principle or value driven. It is easy for all of us to allow our emotions to lead us rather than our core principles or values. In a world where there are many competing voices for our time and attention, it is even more paramount to establish what is priority and of importance.

As a coach, I am always looking for the gap between what a person says they value and what is showing up in their life. For example, If you say you value honesty but are not being honest with yourself or others around you, then you most likely are compromising who you are. As a result you are signing up for inner conflict and stress because you are compromising something that you say you value or deem important. If you told me you value financial stability but you don’t do anything to put yourself in a more stable place financially, then I would assume there is a disconnect somewhere with your values or maybe there is something you value a little bit more than financial stability. Likewise, If you say you value health but you are constantly eating junk food, then your actions may say that your health still hasn’t taken a front seat in your priorities or values. If you say that family is one of your core values, but you never make family a priority anywhere in your time or schedule, then I would wonder what else is competing with family? What we often don’t realize is that our actions are speaking more loudly about what we value than anything else.

If we are going to live a better life and get beyond mediocrity, we need to have great clarity about our values. It becomes important to decide what is the most important thing.. When was the last time you conducted an inventory of the things that matter to you? How does your life reflect those priorities or values in your choices and decisions? Where may you need a course adjustment so you can move from a mediocre life to a great life?

I believe our values in life are really a big deal. In a world where values often seem to be up for grabs it is even more important to decide what your values will be truly be. As Roy Disney once said, “it’s not hard to make decision once you know what your values are.”

Janet Daughtry is a professional life coach and an international trainer of coaches. She is the author of the book “Living A Great Life”, which is sold on Amazon.