5 Emotions Stopping You From Living Your Dreams

5 Emotions Stopping You From Living Your Dreams

by Daryl Daughtry, Publisher

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There are commonly at least 5 emotions stopping you from living your dreams…

They stem from hurtful memories that can stifle your development and growth. So, how do we break through this insidious mental conditioning? How do we grow and develop beyond hurtful episodes that bury themselves in our subconscious and influence our lives? How do we change and grow so that we can live our dreams?

Well, the first step is to break the hold of these inhibiting influences Recognize them and then either get rid of them or turn them into a positive force that pushes you ahead rather than holds you back. Identify these inhibiting memories in your life so that you control them rather than allowing them to control you. Did someone hurt your feelings? Forgive them and forget it. Move on. Did someone punish you unfairly? It’s over now. It’s done. Go on with your life.

Let’s look at 5 possible emotions stopping you from living your dreams:

Anger – Anger is a natural response to a perceived attack or injury. It makes negative energy flow. But when allowed to simmer, it depletes any positive energy that could be used to improve your life. If you hold your anger for more than a week, it is only hurting you. Make yourself let it go. Envision yourself throwing it out. Rid your mind of it. Transform your anger into positive motivation. Don’t get mad, get motivated.

Revenge – This is the first cousin of anger. It also robs you of strength in the long run. The person who has injured you has probably gone on with their life; so should you. Don’t let the injury hurt you further by inhibiting your growth. Lose it or use it. Instead of saying, “I’ll get them,” say, “I’ll show them. I’LL BE SOMEBODY!”

Sadness – This is more crippling than anger because it drains you from the start, sapping your will to go on. You probably will have to let this drain away slowly at its own pace. Time heals, but if the sadness seems to linger, consciously force it out. Seek out things that make you laugh and feel positive about life. Realize that feeling sad will not change anything. Seek peace of mind as your right by turning on the light.

Resentment – Life is not always fair and fairness is not a realistic expectation. It’s unrealistic to feel that the world owes you fairness, and holding on to resentment is no way to fight back. Drop it and get back into the battle. Accept that life is hard. Yet, some people will get better breaks than others. Get proactive and make your own opportunities.

Guilt – Guilt is another emotion that stands between you and your dreams. All of us have done things we feel bad about and regret. Things we would do differently, if given a second chance. Many of us carry that guilt around and it keeps us from moving forward. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, put you on a guilt trip. Say to yourself aloud, “No matter what, I am still a worthwhile person. Everyone makes mistakes, but I refuse to allow my mistakes to define me. I will learn from this and get better!”

Reinterpret the past with these 5 declarations:

1 – I am going to get better, not bitter.

2 – My pain can actually result in my gain.

3 – What doesn’t kill me can make me stronger.

4 – Nurturing negative emotions only poisons me.

5 – I give myself permission to get over it.

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