Diamond Dallas Page & The Art of Owning It

Diamond Dallas Page & The Art of Owning It

by Diamond Dallas Page

Hey guys, it’s me, DDP. That’s right, Diamond Dallas Page. I’m the “King of Badda Bing”, the master of the Diamond Cutter, and the three-time professional wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

I know you guys know that I didn’t get that 10 pounds of gold Heavyweight Championship Title Belt just given to me. I had to put in the work in the same way I had to put the work in to become a WWE hall of famer. It’s also the same way I had to put in the work in making DDP Yoga, better known as DDPY, a household name. It’s all about putting the work in. I also have written two books, “Positively Page” and “Positively Unstoppable: The Art of Owning It”.

This “owning it” blueprint is to make yourself the best you can be. And that’s what Personal Growth Magazine is all about. Their podcast is also doing the same thing that I’ve been doing. The more positive energy you have out there, the better this world is going to be. It’s a pretty dark place out there and not just any one place the whole world.

So, you constantly have to work harder to find your way. You “own” that, right? And it really comes down to the fact that you will become the five people you hang out with the most. If you hang out with people who eat all the time, you’re going to eat all the time. If you hang out with people who drink all the time, you’re going to be drinking all the time. If you hang out with negative people, you’re going to get pulled into the whole negative spiral. It’s what I call the “emotional gravity” sucking you down into that abyss.

They don’t call me “Positively Page” for nothing. I come from a broken family. By the time I was three years old; my mom was married, divorced., and had three kids. She was only 19 at the time and I bounced around from one family to another like a pinball. So, I know about adversity.

You know, I’m also the king of overcoming adversity because, in our personal lives and our professional lives, we’re all constantly hit with one adversity after another. And, most of which we have no control over. But, the one thing we do have control over is when we put the time in and when we do things like listen to the Personal Growth Magazine Podcast. Keep coming on this site and read what they’re putting out there. They’re putting out that positive message.

The one thing we have control over is what I call “the six-inch piece of real estate between our ears”. It’s the most valuable real estate we own. I’ve got a ton of real estate all over the city of Atlanta, but this is the most powerful. It controls everything.

It all comes down to the story you tell yourself. That inner voice is what “owning it” is all about. Owning that inner voice and your personal growth is all about the work you put in.

So there you have it right there. I’m telling you, check them out, especially my boy Daryl. Hopefully, you will get some positive energy and start “owning it” at the next level.

Now go do your DDP Yoga, or else…

Diamond Dallas Page, known around the sports entertainment world of professional wrestling as “DDP”, was born Page Joseph Falkinburg. His drive and ambition would lead him on an inspirational journey from being three-time world wrestling champion to his current endeavor of inspiring others to Own Your Life. Diamond Dallas Page has developed his life-changing DDPYoga including books, audio cd’s, and DVD workouts and is touring the country to promote his system.

During his fourteen-year career, he captivated audiences and became a three-time world wrestling champion. Highly publicized and financially successful pay-per-view and network feuds with wrestling giants such as Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Hulk Hogan, and Bill Goldberg became legendary for hardcore wrestling fans, but Diamond Dallas Page was also able to bridge the gap between sports entertainment and mainstream entertainment. As networks, actors, and professional athletes became more interested in the fan base of professional wrestling, Diamond Dallas Page became the unlikely tag team partner of late-night talk show host Jay Leno, basketball icon Karl Malone, and movie star David Arquette. Those pay-per-view and charity match appearances versus Hollywood Hulk Hogan and perennial “bad boy” Dennis Rodman are memorable to both fans and non-fans alike.

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