5 Questions With Janet Daughtry

Personal Growth Magazine Asks Thought Leaders These 5 Questions…

1 – What are a couple of your most effective habits?

Making up my bed first thing, Being conscious of my daily water intake and starting my day with quiet time and gratitude.

2 – How do you make your best decisions?

As I think through things, I try to bring in reason and logic and not just my emotions alone.

3 – How do you push through the obstacles you face?

I’m a researcher and, if I don’t know the answer or solution to something, I will get online or seek out someone who has the answer.

4 – What did you give up in order to reach your goals?

Days that I would have probably enjoyed doing something fun or recreational rather than work.

5 – What is your favorite quote or saying and why?

“Life if a matter of choices and every choice you make makes you.” by John Maxwell. More so than anything else, it is our choices that ultimately define us and everyone has been blessed with a free will and the ability to choose.

For more than 4 decades, Janet Daughtry (CoachJanet.com) has had the privilege to speak into women’s lives. It is her passion. Whether teaching, speaking at seminars, or life coaching with clients, she loves encouraging women to be all they can be for their purpose in the earth. Her heartbeat is for women to value their worth and significance, to dream, and to discover and pursue their God-given dreams and destinies.

Janet says the greatest satisfaction that she has being a life coach is to experience many “ah-ha” moments or “light bulb” moments with her clients and students. “It is really the ‘yes’ or ‘wow’ factor for me! It is exciting to come alongside women as they change their thinking and begin to walk in greater confidence and fulfillment.”

Locally, Janet serves as a speaker/trainer for a transitional program by the North Carolina Correctional Center for Women; a speaker/trainer for the Women’s Summer Empowerment Camps; and as a workshop presenter for various churches, businesses, and events. She also the co-founder of Life Breakthrough Academy, which has trained and certified life and marriage coaches in over 50 countries. Janet earned and under-graduate degree from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC and a graduate degree from Southern Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

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