Greatness Is Within You

by Daryl Daughtry, Publisher

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Greatness is already within you. I didn’t say that you have the potential to be great. I just said that you already possess greatness. The problem is you either haven’t tapped into it or you don’t know it’s even there in the first place.

Have you ever found yourself waiting for the “right moment” to take action on something? You knew you wanted to move forward, but something held you back. Often when we do this, we are waiting for our confidence to build before we feel ready. We don’t currently believe that we have the ability to succeed at our objective.

At times like these it can help to remind yourself that you were born pre-loaded with the ability to accomplish great things. Greatness is already within you. There is nothing to wait for! Everybody is born to be great at something. Everyone was born an original, but sadly most people go to their grave trying to be a copy someone else. They, and probably you, seek survival over discovering their gifts and plugging into an outlet to express them.

Albert Einstein once said… “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

In other words, fish thrive and are absolutely brilliant in water, but not in the forest. Can you relate? Can you see that maybe you have been trying to succeed at something that’s not a good fit for your unique abilities? Could it be that there’s something out there or even something you maybe need to create that fits you like a glove and will bring out the genius in you?

You need to understand that your inner greatness will actually begin to grow as a RESULT of your moving forward, not the other way around. The longer you hang back and allow yourself to be held captive by uncertainty, the more difficult it will be to take a step forward.

You won’t realize your own GREATNESS until you develop the COURAGE to express it.

Are you really open to your TRUE Potential? If you’ve ever felt unmotivated because you can’t see a bigger vision for your life, you are one of the many people who struggle to recognize their full potential and greatness. Most people, and most likely you, allow childhood conditioning and limiting beliefs to label them and hold them back. They get sucked into the familiar or the ordinary when they were created to actually be extraordinary.

How motivated would you be if you KNEW you could accomplish larger things in life? Would that change your perspective on your limits? Would it push you to GO FOR your dreams?

What stops you is the belief that you’re only capable of so much. If you really knew that you could keep discovering and stretching your capabilities, you’d think nothing of taking on life’s challenges every single day!

So, to reach your highest potential in life, you need to start expanding your perception of what you’re capable of accomplishing. You need to begin to own the identity of greatness. Begin to say to yourself… “Greatness is in me!”

The more potential you can see for yourself, the more motivated you will be to do something about it.