Daring To Be Excellent

by Janet Daughtry, Master Certified Coach

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“Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude” – Ralph Marston

In our quest for success, we often think the thing holding us back is that we lack the education, talent, resources or the right job. I would like to present a different argument.

Success has more to do with the simple things we do daily, than education, talent, privilege or position. It is often our daily rituals and actions that eventually yield huge results. Things such as attention to detail, doing our work with excellence, providing great customer service, being generous, offering respect and showing kindness. These small things cause us to be noticed, to stand out and eventually can open up big doors and opportunities for us.

It reminds me of a story I once heard about Wally, the cab driver. One day, Wally decided that he was going to stand out from other cab drivers. He was going to differentiate himself from the rest. So, he cleaned and shined up his car and began to wear nicer clothes to work. In addition, he provided his customers with different kinds of magazines to read and also filled a cooler with drinks. When a passenger rode in Wally’s taxi, he played their favorite radio station and made sure the temperature was to his client’s liking. If he was going to drive a cab, he might as well offer the best experience in town.

How did Wally’s commitment to excellence turn out? It paid off very nicely. Wally now owns several cabs, and if you want Wally to drive, you will have to make an appointment. When Wally stepped up his game and decided to be the best at what he did, others began to take notice and seek his services.

The message here is a simple one, yet profound. Paying attention to the details, providing excellent service, giving it our best does count and eventually pays off in significant ways. In today’s world, where people seem to have lost pride in their work and take shortcuts or do the minimum required, others notice when someone goes above and beyond. It does draw attention. When people begin to notice, word spreads and promotion happens. There is nothing mysterious about that!

A commitment to excellence is part of living a great life. When you and I decide to be the best at what we do and to do it well, the profession doesn’t matter. Whether you are a cook, cab driver, teacher or an executive, if you will give it your all, and do it with excellence, you will not only stand out, but you will differentiate yourself from everyone else. You may just discover that success and promotion will find you!

Janet Daughtry is a multi-certified professional coach and author. This article is an excerpt from her book, Living A Great Life. Follow Janet – @coachjanet on Instagram and Twitter.