Are You Productive Or Just Busy?

Are You Productive Or Just Busy?

by Daryl Daughtry, Publisher

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Have you ever observed someone who seems to be busy all the time, but never seems to get anything done? Do you feel that sometimes you’re in the same boat? How do you know if you’re really productive or just plain busy?

Do you have goals? People who are productive generally have goals and focus all of their work on achieving those goals. Of course, there are always going to be distractions, but those many distractions don’t take priority over the big picture.

Do you focus or do you multi-task? People who multi-task often seems very busy. They’re always doing something, but they’re rarely doing any one thing very well. You’ll be more productive if you focus on doing one thing at a time.

Do you delegate? Sometime you take on tasks that would really be better to delegate to someone else. If you work alone at your own business, this may be more difficult. But you might be able to delegate your personal tasks while keeping your focus on your business tasks.

Do you say “no”? People who are productive know how to say “no” to something that is going to take them away from their own important work. It’s okay to say “no” when you really don’t have time to fit in one more thing.

Do you let some things go? It may sound counter-productive to erase some tasks from your to-do list. But you may find that you have given yourself tasks that really won’t move your vision forward and will take up extra time. It’s okay to scratch something off the list and go a different way.

Do you have a schedule? People who are productive tend to have a schedule for each day of what needs to be done and when. If you’re not planning ahead, chances are you’re staying busy and not productive.

Do you complete projects? You can be busy doing something all day long, every day and never get a project completed. If you find you’re starting a lot of things without finishing them, it’s time to look at your priorities and become more productive.

Do you feel peaceful? When you spend you time very busy and not accomplishing much, you might feel a sense of anxiety. You may worry about all the things you need to do that aren’t getting done. But when you’re productive, you can actually feel peace when it comes to work. You know what’s important and you have a plan to get it done on time.

Daryl Daughtry is a multi-certified professional life coach and author as well as a personal growth strategist. He is also the producer and host of the Personal Growth Magazine Podcast featured at the top of the page.