10 Ways to Become More Confident

by Daryl Daughtry

Confidence seems to come easily to some. Yet, others may struggle with it. Confidence is an aspect of life that can be developed. No one is born with confidence. The key is to learn how to tap into that attitude to create more. The following are ten top ways to become more confident.

1 – Recognize Your Strengths
One of the reasons that it’s hard to become more confident is because we focus on our weaknesses. You have so many skills, strengths, experiences, and so much knowledge. Instead of focusing on your weakness, acknowledge and embrace your strengths. That’s where you have the most to offer.

Make a list. Write down everything that you’re good at, that you’ve accomplished, and that you feel proud of. Add to this list as you accomplish more. And if necessary, keep the list with you and pull it out when you start to lose confidence.

2 – Track Your Successes
Did you know that one of the biggest success secrets is to track your results? It’s true. Tracking your goals and your results helps you stay motivated. It also helps you learn as you go. For example, if you try something and it doesn’t work out, tracking that information can help you change your approach.

However, tracking your successes is just as powerful. Each success that you have and goal that you achieve helps you become more confidence to continue to push yourself. You can track your goals simply with a notebook or journal. Depending on the goal, you might track it with a spreadsheet. There is also goal tracking software and mobile applications.

3 – Try Something New
Trying something new helps you to develop your skills, knowledge, and confidence. It’s about stepping outside your normal routine and comfort zone. When you try something new, you also create new opportunities for success. Make a list of all the things that you are interested in trying, learning, or experiencing. For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to go rock climbing or you’re interested in writing a book. Star exploring how you might take the first step with something on your list.

4 – Push your Boundaries
There’s something to be said for taking methodical steps toward a goal with full confidence that you will likely achieve each step successfully. In fact, it’s so effective that we’ll talk about it next. However, there’s also a time to push yourself just a bit harder. Do something or set a goal that you might not achieve.

Try something that frightens you just a little bit. For example, maybe you want to write a book but haven’t started the project because you fear rejection from publishers. When you learn to face your fears, and do things that frighten you, you begin to build your confidence. It won’t make things less frightening, but it will make it easier of face those fears and help you become more confident.

5 – Take Care of Yourself
It’s difficult to feel confidence when you don’t feel well. Taking care of yourself and your health has a dramatic impact on your confidence level. If you eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep then finding, or even faking, confidence is much easier. Identify a few key areas where you might take a little bit better care of yourself. Start implementing those habits into your life right away. In fact, you might create a goal and track your success.

6 – Create a Pattern of Success
One of the reasons people fail to achieve goals and then struggle with confidence is because they don’t set the right type of goals. Their goals aren’t specific and they’re not realistic. For example, “I’m going to write a book,” is a huge and general goal. It might be quite difficult to achieve. Then, when the book doesn’t happen, your confidence takes a hit.

However, a goal like “I’m going to write 500 words a day and finish my book draft in six months,” is a better goal. It gives you the power to do something you know you can achieve. So, find a goal that you want to achieve and break it up into smaller actions that you know you can achieve. When you create a pattern of success, it makes you feel more empowered in other areas of your life. It helps you grow and become more confident.

7 – Become Aware of Your Thoughts
We can become trapped in our thoughts and fall victim to them. The good news is that they’re just thoughts and you can control and change them. First, however, you have to be aware of them. Pay attention to what you tell yourself. Phrases like, “I never get what I want,” or “I’m so stupid,” are negative and don’t support your success. Try to change your negative thoughts to positive ones like, “I can do this.” Or even, “let’s see what I’m capable of today!”

8 – Dress for Success
Wear clothing that makes you feel good about yourself. Maybe it’s a favorite color or a shirt that flatters you. Also, take extra time to groom yourself. Get a haircut that you like. Find what you like about yourself and accentuate it. Put yourself in a position to succeed and become more confident by embracing clothing and grooming that makes you feel good about yourself.

9 – Express Kindness and Generosity
Help others. Volunteer. Perform random acts of kindness. Be generous with what you have to give. When you get involved in the world around you and offer kindness, it helps you feel great about yourself. It really is a confidence booster, a heart healer, and just a great way to connect with yourself and others.

10 – Embrace Gratitude
Be grateful for what you have. Find a way to feel gratitude for mistakes and successes. Find gratitude in small things and big ones. Keep a gratitude journal if you’d like. If you pray or meditate, you might add a gratitude practice to that daily expression. Gratitude reminds you of all that you have and all that you are. It may be the foundation of confidence.

The more you become accustomed with feeling confidence, the easier it becomes to tap into. You can develop it and use it when you need it most. Confidence in yourself and your strengths, skills, and abilities can permeate every area of your personal and professional life. It’s really being more strategic and intentional that nudges you to become more confident.