Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas: Love Conquers All

Eric Thomas: Love Conquers All Video by Eric Thomas of Eric Thomas speaks to an attentive room of folks on the truth that “love conquers all.” When you encounter darkness in your life, counter it with all the light you can muster. When you get bad news, think of all the good…

get motivated

Get Motivated With Rewards

Get Motivated With Rewards Video by Personal Growth Magazine Motivation is a very popular, yet very misunderstood, topic. Get motivated with rewards, payoffs, prizes, treats or whatever you want to call it. All of our daily drives and habits are motivated by a reward or payoff of some kind.

conquer your fears

How to Conquer Your Fears

How to Conquer Your Fears Video by Personal Growth Magazine This video shares how to conquer your fears in 3 powerful ways. Get rid of what is standing between you and where you want to go in life. What’s draining your motivation and will power? Is it worth it? Here…

levels of leadership

John Maxwell: 5 Levels of Leadership

5 Levels of Leadership Video Content Based On A Book By John Maxwell of According to John Maxwell, there are 5 levels of leadership. Learn how to lead people and how to maximize your potential in leading people. The 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell teaches that a leader is one…

purpose changes everything

Purpose Changes Everything

Purpose Changes Everything Video by Personal Growth Magazine Purpose changes everything. Knowing your life purpose, your business purpose, your relationship purpose, and the like gives you clarity and direction like nothing else can. You immediately become more intentional and goal-oriented because knowing your purpose changes everything.

Tony Gaskins: When To Leave A Relationship

When To Leave A Relationship Video by Tony Gaskins of Tony Gaskins points out when he thinks it’s time to leave a relationship. He thinks it’s all about behavior patterns or habits. If things keep happening over and over again, then they aren’t a mistake or forgetfulness. They are signs for when…

lose weight

Chalene Johnson: Lose Weight Without Diets

Lose Weight Without Diets & Increase Metabolism Video by Chalene Johnson of Chalene Johnson shares how to lose weight without diets and boost your metabolism! In this video, Chalene Johnson gives you her top 3 tips on how to: boost metabolism, lose weight without dieting for weight loss and keep it off.

debt free

Rachel Cruze: How to Become Debt Free

How to Become Debt Free Video by Rachel Cruze of Rachel Cruze shares how to become debt free in two years or less using a plan that has already helped millions of Americans. It’s called the “Snowball Method.” Rachel Cruze is the highly successful daughter of radio and podcast host Dave Ramsey…

Tony Robbins: Rapid Planning Method (RPM)

Rapid Planning Method (RPM) Video by Tony Robbins of Tony Robbins says that success in life and business is about maximizing your opportunity. Learn how Tony Robbins maximizes every minute of his busy days with his Rapid Planning Method (RPM). Tony Robbins is not affiliated with We feature curated content…

negative thinking

6 Ways to Defeat Negative Thinking

6 Ways to Defeat Negative Thinking by Daryl Daughtry According to many experts, there are seven different ways to defeat negative thinking, and we will address six in this article. The seventh is you seeking professional help if you feel unable to defeat these thoughts on your own. Everyone faces problems, whether they are personal struggles or stress, family issues or…

Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard: My Car Accident

My Car Accident Video by Brendon Burchard of Brendon Burchard shares a deeply personal account of a life-changing car accident he was involved in at the age of 19. This impactful life event was the genesis of his quest for meaning in life. He probably wouldn’t be the internationally-known personal growth…